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Designed by Melina Staubitz and Jeremy Gafas in 2019, the brand draws its essence from the values conveyed by the haori, a formal Japanese jacket. In Japan, this garment is designed for the long term: first darned when worn, it is then cut to dress children, then finally to cover cushions or futons.


Inspired by the principle of traditional haori, it was important that the penultimate project incorporates into its approach a reflection on the origin of its textiles. Not wishing to participate in the production of new materials, we use second-hand fabrics as well as unused end-of-stock from Parisian fashion houses, which we collect ourselves. We buy very small amounts of fabric, just enough to sew a haori. Each of our pieces is therefore unique.  

Do you want to know more?

We use the leftover fabrics to make bags, brooches or to recompose fabrics in boro (a Japanese quilting technique), which in turn will become haoris. In this way, we minimize our waste and our environmental impact as much as possible. 

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